Equal opportunities at DtoK Lab

DtoK Lab S.r.l. is committed to providing equal treatment and opportunities to all its employees as well as to job applicants.

Equal treatment of all our staff members as well as job candidates is required by Italian law. However, beyond the legal duty of preventing discrimination and harassment, we are working on providing actual equal opportunities to all our staff members. It is our belief that the provision of equal opportunities is both valuable in itself and as a means to excel in our core business – performing high quality IT research and development. The success of a company depends on its people. Attracting the best and most suitable engineers, technicians and managers to DtoK Lab and giving them the best environment to thrive during their time at our company is essential for us. And for that to happen, personnel selection and personnel development should focus on knowledge, expertise and skills, without regard to gender, ethnicity, age and so on.

According to our practices and culture, we know that the provision of equal opportunities and equal treatment should not only be incorporated in regulations, but should be an integral part of our organizational culture.

Gender equality has been a focus of discussion and action at DtoK Lab for years, with a number of targets and measures being developed and implemented.