Cloud Solutions for Scalable Data Analytics

DtoK Lab is an academic spin-off of University of Calabria, Italy, working to enable customers to turn their data into knowledge. The company is committed to deliver scalable solutions for Big Data analysis in business domains using Cloud technologies.

Since December 2021 DtoK Lab is part of Relatech Group, a Digital Enabler Solution Knowledge (DESK) Company and innovative SME listed on Euronext Growth Milan.

Customers. Enterprises, business analysts, institutions that need to efficiently analyze the huge amount of data collected every day in their data centers or public Clouds. DtoK Lab helps them understand how to uncover and explore data.

Products. The company develops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems for data analysis applications. DtoK Lab technology makes it possible to parallelize the execution of applications exploiting Cloud computing resources and services.

Services. DtoK Lab provides consulting and implements high-performance data analysis in emerging areas such as social media, trajectory mining, sentiment analysis and data journalism.